#HurricaneDorian Update 8:00am 8/31/19

The Write Stuff

This is the first bit of possible–and I stress possible–good news Florida has gotten on the prediction front since Dorian reared its ugly head. If this track holds (a BIG “if”), the actual center of the storm will stay offshore until it hits Charleston. So what might be good news for me is bad news for my daughter who owns a home in Charleston. (Charleston sits right on the coast/salt marshes and is very susceptible to storm surge and flooding.) But if the eastward trend continues to increase, this major hurricane could even pull away from there, too.

Having said all of this, Dorian is enormously wide and Florida would still be impacted by severe and dangerous weather: heavy wind and rain, flooding, and tornadoes. We will be inundated for a few days, and power outages will probably be prevalent everywhere, along with downed trees (*shudder*), flying roof…

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