“Monsoon Madness,” A #Haibun #Tanka

Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

The challenge words for this week’s poetry challenge are “character and wild.” I used tempestuous for character, and howling for wild.

Here in Arizona, the weather forecasters speak of “the monsoon season” and the destruction it sometimes wrecks across Phoenix and Maricopa County.

“Not to worry,” I said. We’ve lived through blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes. What can a little desert wind and rain do?

My late summer garden area is complete and ready for my new dirt babies. Last week, I purchased two small tomato plants just for this occasion.

I trowel the soil, relishing the spirituous scent of the wet earth. I tamp the soil around the plant’s roots, securing them in their spacious new home.

Next, I sow the seeds from my favorite vegetables – cucumber and zucchini by poking them deep into the fertile soil.

I pause and savor the feel of the…

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2 thoughts on ““Monsoon Madness,” A #Haibun #Tanka

  1. Thanks, Jaye for sharing my whacky weather Haibun. It was a scary storm for sure. Today, we saw where a few large tree branches had broken along the boulevard and had to be removed. Fingers crossed we don’t get any more wind like that. ❤

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