Thursday photo prompt: Mirror #writephoto – Mutual Admiration.



They were gathering once again. The vain, the pretentious. Lining up to see the image of themselves reflected back at them.

It was a regular occurrence, a sort of social event within the well-to-do of the forest.

On top of all that there was a sense of mutual admiration as they complimented each other on what they saw.

As they basked in the pretence of it all, they never noticed the not so bothered who sat in the trees waiting their time when each separated or stopped their inbred alerts and the pickings would be easy.

So wrapped up were they in their own perceived view of each other they were oblivious to the danger above them.

Not that they worried about such things, as fate had become part of their screwed DNA and the loss of one or many was not dwelt upon as there would always be others…

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