Small and Insignificant


Small and InsignificantHi everyone, I hope everyone’s well and feeling fulfilled with whatever is going on in life. Today I’m sharing another poem with you all – It’s called ‘Small and Insignificant’.

Small and Insignificant

In the vastness of the universe
It’s so easy to feel small
It can feel like your insignificant
Just dust in a cosmic squall

But the fact that we exist at all
That certain convergences occurred
Allowing us to grow and thrive
Seems utterly absurd

Think of all the art we make
All the medicines discovered
Think of all the things we’ve learned
With so much still left to uncover

Think of those who came before you
You share a little of each one
Just as those who will come after
Will share bits of you when you’re gone

So when next you feel small and pointless
Please do remember that you came
From the ranks of…

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