The Magic of the Louvre

A Crack in the Pavement

20190707_175416I wasn’t sure what to expect when I entered the Louvre. We visited lots of museums and saw lots of beautiful paintings. But this was the Louvre.

I was curious to find out.

But I didn’t run over anyone, officer, I swear!!!

If I had to pick one word to describe the Louvre it would probably be lots and lots of people.

20190707_154806Yes, that was more than one but you must give me a break on this one.

We arrived on a Sunday and to our pleasant surprise admittance was free. That was the good news. The bad news – Everyone in town was in on the secret resulting in the longest line I ever saw. Yes, that includes Disneyland.

Being in a wheelchair can have it’s advantages and on this particular busy day the advantage included bypassing the long line and getting right in. I was a tad embarrassed…

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