My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Author Channels – You Need to Subscribe Today!

Jen Lowry Writes

I encourage all of you to research and learn all you can about writing as a craft as well as the industry side of the business. I often get asked how do I know so much – I watch YouTube DAILY! I love my author YouTubers and wanted to share with y’all my top favorites. There is nothing better than having a YouTube video playing while I’m updating my social media sites, writing, and researching articles. Guess what, I’m listening to how to make an audio book by Jenna Mordeci right now as I’m typing this!

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  1. Ellen Brock – Hands down my favorite editor to watch. If I had a dream come true, and money to spare, Ellen Brock would be my personal editor! Because I’m on a teacher salary and not at full-time writer status yet, I do the second…

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