The Idea Storm #writing #creativity

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Hello, SEers. Mae here today with a look at Idea Storms.

Recently, I was in my family room, comfy on the couch, plugging away on blog posts, when I realized something spectacular was happening outside. The weather had been unusually hot and, as often happens during summer, a pop-up thunderstorm rolled into the area. The counties to the south and west of me were under severe weather watches, but since my area wasn’t in the main thoroughfare of atmospheric upheaval, I hadn’t been paying much attention to the sky.

Until a low rumble of thunder drew my attention out the patio door.

A moment before, the sky had been blue and clear. Now, it was a canvas of brooding charcoal and dark blue. Even as I watched, a swiftly moving front swallowed what little clear sky remained, drawing a distinctive line on the horizon. I managed to snap a few shots before the…

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