God Is I Am

This morning on my walk with King, we met a dragonfly who landed on a broken fence outside our back door. As it rested peacefully, King and I were able to move closer and closer as I took pictures. I felt grateful King did not try to eat it, as he so often does. When we finished our walk, the dragonfly was still there. It sat quietly awaiting our return. This time, I ventured even closer to get more pictures. I noticed it was pale without the bright colors usually seen. The wings translucent, and the eyes were big, so I knew this young dragonfly still had days or even weeks to mature. As it grows, it will develop its beautiful iridescent colors.


A beautiful morning,
a cool and refreshing breeze,
the sounds of ruffling leaves.
With each step the presence of God
Is engulfing me.

A beautiful morning…

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