Camping: the Epiphany #humor #travel #nature #ThrowbackThursday

Barb Taub


If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again. Then Quit. There’s No Use Being a Damn Fool About It.—W.C. Fields (attributed)

My friend Susie Lindau is brave, intrepid, and willing to go camping. On purpose, as she explainshere. Wordpress hates me today, and wouldn’t let me comment on her hilarious post, so in honor of Brave Susie and Throwback Thursday, here’s my response.


I’ve tried camping many times. And even though it’s never actually worked, I’ve put together a much more complete picture of how not to do it. [**See Barb’s Camping Epiphany, below]

For example, during college a group of us decided to go camping in northern Minnesota. We set out for a three-week trek armed with several sets of fishing gear, two canoes, five packs of food, and one carton of generic beef stew. Four hours after getting into…

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