Anyone for Popcorn?

Stevie Turner

In a deckchair in front of us at the festival we took our granddaughters to on Saturday was a young woman of about 20 – 25 years of age.  For the entire time we were there she was vaping e-cigarettes one after the other.  We actually moved away so as not to breathe in any of her exhaled vapour, as luckily for me I had been able to listen to a conversation at work between three doctors at tea break, who were discussing vaping.

I heard that vaping causes a condition called ‘popcorn lung’, which is actually a disease which goes by the name of bronchiolitis obliterans.  A toxic chemical called diacetyl is in the flavours, and this is heated up to a vapour and inhaled into the lungs causing a build up of scar tissue and damage to airways which results in shortness of breath.  Doctors are now starting…

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