Just a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake!

Tallis Steelyard

Just a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake

Let us be honest here. I am a man of simple tastes who doesn’t ask for a lot out of life. The occasional glass of a nice wine, the muted applause of my peers recognising the unsurpassed excellence of my work. Then from time to time it is nice to enjoy some of the simpler creature comforts, to be warm and comfortable. Surely these aren’t much for a chap to ask for?

Shena and I had been to the funeral of an old family friend. They had lived and died in a hamlet south of Port Naain and we had crossed the river and walked south the day before. We’d stayed overnight to share the family meal and the sharing of memories, then we’d been up early. I to help dig a grave in the frozen earth, Shena to help prepare breakfast for those who came to partake in the…

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