Another hot one, but rain expected


So much for it not being a nice day today.
It’s 28º C (82.4 F) in the corridor and 22.5º C (72.5 F) in the bedrooms which haven’t got the sun yet.
Maggie got me up at quarter to six then we went back to bed finally surfacing just after 8.

The plan today was to hire the Rug Doctor and clean our carpets, but with rain forecast later, we didn’t like the idea of them not being able to dry fully so we’ve put it off.
The wet patch on the wall has dried out nicely, so after breakfast Hubby decided to do the repair properly with mortar whilst I walked the dog.

With the recent rain showers, the grass has grown faster than we’d like, so when I got back I decided to cut it.
I did the back first, not only because it’s the biggest and hardest…

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