Parked in the Dark

Peacock Poetry

After much resistance to the infernal temperatures of late, I finally resigned myself to my lot and took up residence in the cellar! Although a touch on the dark side, the coolness was much appreciated as was spending most of the day with my two plates of meat (feet in Cockney rhyme slang) in a bowl of cold water. Have always been a touch on the quirky side and enjoyed penning this lighthearted dirty whilst growing accustomed to my new place of residence!

The Cellar Dweller

The cellar dweller knew her lot

There was but one solution

To hide out when the days were hot

Such was the heat a nuisance

Upon beanbag she read and sagged

With feet in cool tap water

Although the days could somewhat drag

‘Twas better than sun slaughter

Besides sometimes we need I find

Excuses to do nothing

And heatwaves of the vicious kind

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