Feeling Better

Jessica Bakkers

I’m nearly all better now and shall be returning to WordPress activity soon. Finding my writing mojo again is going to be a bit more tricky; I’m massively uninspired right now. I have editing to finish on my WIP, an untold number of other books I want to write… but no motivation to do any of it. Advice to get out of the slump?

Catch up with you all soon!

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. It is hard to do actually. I was in a slump a while ago and I waited for a, not so hot day, and sat out in the sun (which I don’t usually do even with tons of sunscreen). I was in a comfy area of our back yard filled with trees and nature’s beauty. Then I closed my eyes, let the sun soak into my skin and just listened to the sounds of nature. In North Carolina,​ this can be a chorus of music even in the evening. Then I just started to write about what I heard. I sure hope you feel better. Take care. Love J

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