The Band in the Garage

Stevie Turner

Following on from yesterday’s re-blog, I thought I’d carry on the summer holiday topic but this time write about how my youngest son preferred to spend his free time.

Marc announced around the age of 11 that he wanted to be a rock star.  He waited impatiently for his guitar lesson every Saturday morning, taught by a local rock guitarist.  We’d sit outside in the car and strains of ‘Smoke on the Water’ or suchlike would filter out into the street.  By the age of 13 Marc had mastered many solos and had joined a band, ‘Revolver‘, who played classic rock and also Oasis covers (Oasis were huge in 1998 when Marc was 13).  He was also very popular at school, as he took his guitar in every day and played at lunchtimes.  At night he would play guitar in bed and fall asleep with it next to him. …

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