When Are You at Your Most Creative? #writing #creativethinking

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Hello, SEers. It’s Mae Day on Story Empire, and I’d like to lead off with a question: When are you at your most creative? Are you a morning lark or a night owl?

Our internal clock works off the light/dark cycle of Earth, meaning our circadian rhythm operates on a twenty-four period. Some people have a slightly longer cycle (night owls), others shorter (morning larks). As children, most tend to the lark phase, then shift to owls as teenagers. As we age, we gradually transition back to larks, although that pattern is not true of everyone.

Science has attributed certain traits to both owls and larks.

Close up of eagle owl, large orange eyesOWLS
Night owls are better at focusing for longer periods on a specific task.
They have a slight edge on intelligence and possess more stamina.
They’re go-getters and impulsive.
By the same token, they are more prone to mood swings, yet are generally more…

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