It all comes out in the wash

Tallis Steelyard

It all comes out in the wash

In a roundabout way it’s all the fault of the Widow Handwill. If the widow had been more discerning about the savants she employed to entertain her guests, she wouldn’t have had a necromancer attempting to sacrifice an upstairs maid to some demon. Admittedly he failed and the maid was rescued but still, the room was haunted, even after we washed the mortal remains of the necromancer off the walls. So the widow decided to sell the house and move elsewhere. It took a while to sell, but eventually it was purchased by a successful madam who wished to run it as a high class bordello.
You can understand her thinking. Whilst the house might be haunted, it wasn’t as if anybody was intended to sleep there. Also she could anticipate getting a large house in a nice area for far less money than you might expect. As it was…

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