A different chirp


Every morning when we open the door we are greeted by a friendly sparrow welcoming in the day. He flies away, sometimes across to next door’s fence or up on to our roof, but we believe there may be a nest under one of the edge tiles on our porch.  Not that we mind.
It’s comforting to hear him, and he sings practically all day.
On a few mornings coming back from walking the dog on my own, I have chatted to a crow that sits on our roof sometimes. He doesn’t say anything though and flies off when he’s good and ready.
We also have four pigeons now that visit our garden, chubby walking dinners if needs must, but a pleasing sight nonetheless.

Sitting here going through my reader, I could hear Mr Sparrow in the background then suddenly the song changed key.
I said to Hubby ‘That’s a…

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