Trust Because

Peacock Poetry

The knocks we receive in life can really take their toll and cause us to doubt ourselves and to struggle with trusting others. Yet the more we open and trust, the more we receive and channel life and can feel genuine happiness. Today’s poem is all about finding reasons to trust and trusting on in spite of everything. Because it matters greatly and we owe it to ourselves.

Trust On

Trust, though things are not the same

Trust, when you’ve been cheated

One certainty in life is change

Embrace it undefeated

Trust, though you have been let down

Trust, when all else fails you

When no reasons are left in town

Reach out, it will avail you

Trust though your tears fall like rust

and life has dealt you lemons

Weed out the useless, toxic stuff

You’re not served by these remnants

Trust, though you’ve known hurt and pain


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