Winters of the Heart

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Have you ever had a winter of the heart, a time when you freeze up and protect yourself?

Last week I was supposed to start Clawthorn, but I couldn’t get it going. I was in tears by the end of the week, frustrated and furious. Where was the new project joy? Where was the passion of writing? By Friday, I finally gave myself some slack.

I hadn’t spoken to anybody about what I’d gone through last week. I don’t, and haven’t ever, had that in my life. And I’m too crusty to let somebody even try to be that in my life. I’ve been silly enough to try that enough times that I’m just flat out against it.

So I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure lately. Like, I had two concussions last year, one of which was probably because of high blood pressure. Late one night, one of my…

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