I shall miss him………………


I had my filling today, and pleased to say that as usual, my dentist did not hurt me.
The guy is a god: I get the anesthetic cotton wool before the site sees the needle, the first of which is just enough to numb the gum before the biggie and face-dead syndrome.
Content as I was to drip and drool in the chair, I didn’t feel a thing as he drilled away.
Nice man.
And he’s going into private practice.

Whilst I am pleased for him (sort of, from a selfish point of view), I shall indeed miss him.
He has a young family who rarely sees him as he works 12 hours a day, and his retirement age has been put back to 68 to 75 depending on later Government decisions, so I can understand him being pissed off and wanting to make as much money as he can…

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