How I Am Approaching Book Promotion – By a New Author Who Has Always Dreaded Doing Any Sort of Self-Promotion #Writer

Lucy Mitchell

I can happily promote a blog post, but the idea of shouting about a book that I have written SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME!

Below is me in cat form being told I will need to promote my book.

Book promotion feels like a different ball game to me.

Now, before I begin this post, please remember I am new to this. This is not a definitive guide to book promotion. I am at the start of my book journey. This will feel basic to some of you seasoned authors and I do apologise in advance. As I keep telling myself we all have to start somewhere.

I am a blogger and I feel a duty to share my experiences and hopefully someone somewhere will get some courage to do what I’ve done.

So, before my romance novel; Instructions For Falling In Love Again, was published, I had…

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