The small dog and the song of ‘hey…er, what the?’

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

image: Pixabay

By the door an itchy small dog

Waits for access to the garden

Needs the cool of morning dewdrops

To appease the summer stifle

Bounds outside into the silence

Long before the birds have woken

Spots a space invader soaring

And the soundless dawn is broken

There above her guarded garden

Floating free a lone balloonist

Low and red above the treetops

Where the view should be unbroken

Dog offended by intrusion

Must defend her chosen air-space

Human counterpart goes diving

To begin the daily dog chase

“Shush, it’s early, folks are sleeping,

They don’t want to hear you barking!”

Dog escapes, growls impolitely

Disapproving of sky-larking.

Time to use the secret weapon

Offer treats, but unavailing,

Small dog still is on the warpath

And my options now are failing.

Wish for clouds or morning breezes

To disperse the sailing culprit,

Curtains twitch, I’m thinking, ‘oh sh…’


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