Thru Violet's Lentz

Lilith wasn’t exactly rolling in it, but she wasn’t hurting for
it either. Gone were the days she had spent hungry and alone, in one
furnished room after another, while her mother was perched on a bar
stool somewhere, ‘interviewing’ yet another perspective ‘uncle’.

Much of her youth
she had felt like a child even a mother couldn’t love. By the time
she reached adolescents, those feelings of inadequacy had fermented
into rage. She was angry at her mother for having all but abandoned
her, and even angrier at the never ending parade of ‘uncles’ that
waltzed in and out of her life, taking what there was of her mothers
love with them.

In her teens she
learned to funnel that rage. To use the one weakness she found all of
those ‘uncles’ had in common to strike back, to make them pay for
the part she perceived they had…

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