Thursday Photo Prompt: Span #Writephoto

Keep it alive

The water gushing through the narrow stream was pleasantly cool. They had a great time sitting on the verge of the stream, eating the picnic lunch they had brought with them. Sally’s foot slipped when she was dipping her hand into the water and she fell in with a big splash. Mark hurriedly came forward to haul her out but an imp of mischief provoked her to pull him in the water too. After the initial shock of cold water, they started to enjoy this extemporaneous dipping and splashed around as children do. They felt like they were kids again enjoying the impulsive action. This simple act took them both back some twenty years.

” Well that was fun” Mark said as they climbed out of the water. ” We must do it again sometime “

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a a view between two trees of…

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