And so to bed

Tallis Steelyard


The following tale comes from a time when Maljie was young, sweet and innocent. Now it stands to reason she must once have been young. If being young ever becomes a hanging offence, we’ve all in serious trouble. As a gentleman I make a point of presuming the sweetness and innocence. In this I am perhaps at odds with Maljie’s younger sister who begs leave to doubt it.

Still, the scene is set and the actors are about to enter from the wings. The first to enter is Maljie. As I said, young, and I still cling to the possibility of sweet and innocent. She had acquired a gentleman admirer, a young watchman of much her own age. The next actor on the state is Maljie’s mother. She had decided that she must absent herself on an errand of mercy. The nature of this errand is never made entirely clear…

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