Afternoon walk in the park


Hubby had an errand to run so I ended up walking the dog on my own to the park this afternoon.
It’s been a lot cooler today, quite pleasant in fact, so much better than the recent nights when the air has been so stuffy and heavy, it’s been like sleeping in a dough oven.
Maggie has been suffering terribly, unable to get comfortable or find a cool place to lie.
We’ve had the fan on and windows open, but it hasn’t helped any of us really as the rooms are airless.

It was actually raining when I got up at 7 am, that fine invisible drizzle that you can only feel. It got a little heavier and although it didn’t come to anything, the air felt fresher.
We haven’t done much today, though I went up to get some frozen fruit and surprise surprise, this discount supermarket didn’t have…

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