The Radiator


Ice Princess picked up Solar Guy’s weapon: The Radiator. Even with the solar power cell removed, Ice Princess had to be careful handling it. One wrong touch could singe her fingers down to the bones. It could theoretically melt her bones.

Of course, she had never tested that theory. It sounded close enough to the truth and she was content with believing it.

The Radiator always reminded her of him. Solar Guy with his perfect physique, his golden blond hair.

The Radiator always reminded her of how hard she had fallen for him. In retrospect, it was inevitable. They were such polar opposites. Of course, they had to fall in love and, when that went wrong, they had to become mortal enemies.

They were incapable of neutral ground. It was either love or hate. Unfortunately, hate won the day.

Killing him was likewise inevitable and she had done it so…

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