A passing comment…………


from Laura at https://riddlefromthemiddle.com/ (and designer of the new One Liner Wednesday badge) about food looking pretty in response to my effort this week jogged my memory for this!

Many moons ago (and I mean A LOT so before I met Hubby who educated me in the subject later), I had my first introduction to a chinese dinner.
Apparently Friday nights were not only darts night but also a Chinese on the way home afterwards.

I’m a ‘recognisable meat, veg and gravy neatly arranged on a plate’, or ‘fish and chips in a wrapper’ kinda gal, so I was totally unprepared for a plate piled high with yellowish-brown lumps swimming in separating oily sauce and rice doing the breaststroke all mixed together with a fork.
I’m afraid I took one look at it and rushed from the room as it looked like someone had done a dump on a plate.

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