Thru Violet's Lentz

CCC #32

Her whole life she had been surrounded by people who depended on her.

Her mother died when she was eight, leaving Arelia, the eldest, to care for her seven siblings.

She married at sixteen, already pregnant with her own first child, and went on to have five more children, all of which she cared for dutifully as she had her own siblings.

When she lost her
husband, and the last of her children had moved on to live lives of
their own, Arelia just wanted to be alone.

She took her
husband’s meager savings, and bought herself a little cottage in
the woods.

There she wrote stories. Stories rich in fantasy. The fantasies of a little girl on whom had been thrust a great deal of responsibility at a very young age.

A girl much like
herself, had she been allowed the luxury of a fantasy world, in…

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