Using a Professional Editor

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Hi, SE Readers. Joan here today to talk about the importance of using an editor.

Self-editing, beta readers, and critique partners or groups are all an important aspect of the writing process. Each step has its benefits. Some writers may not use beta readers, and others don’t have a critique partner or group. I believe both provide useful feedback. It goes without saying that self-editing is necessary.

However, if you want your manuscript to be the best it can be, you need the services of a professional. It’s important to know there are different types of edits—content edits, line edits, and copy edits.

Some people use the terms line editor and content editor to mean the same thing essentially. Others differentiate slightly on the two. You may also hear the term developmental edits rather than content edits.

Today, I’m going to talk about content editors. This person can take an…

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