#BookReview Amazing Grace @KimTheBookworm #TuesdayBookBlog

Lucy Mitchell

This book gave me a much-needed smile the night before an important job interview. For most of that week I had been stressing about this ninety minute interview, which included a half-hour quick-fire round of technical questions, and so I had a facial expression similar to that of a bulldog chewing on a thistle.

Locked away in my hotel room with a twelve-hour job interview countdown I decided to put my studying away and….fall into the comforting arms of a good book!

This fabulous book, Amazing Grace, whisked me away to the beautiful fictional village of Little Ollington and let me live out the life of single mum, Grace. She’s picking up the pieces of her life after discovering her husband’s affair with his secretary and she’s still hurting from her mum’s death many years ago.

Let’s just say…I never went back to my interview notes once I…

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