Black Swan

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Peregrine Arc’s bi-weekly challenge. The premise is about a swan that turns into a Fairy Prince. I have taken extreme liberties with this premise.For the full prompt please go to the following url:

I waited patiently for his arrival, the pond’s currents carrying him lazily towards the bench where I was seated. I closed my eyes and sensed the change that was about to happen. I listened to the rhythm of the pond’s waves lapping, I breathed in the heady scent of flowers, I felt the sun’s rays trying to penetrate the shade of the Weeping Willow and my awareness expanded to sense all life around me.

The swan floated to the edge of the pond directly before the bench, and began his transformation. Within seconds the swan had morphed into a human male, standing naked before me. Human except for the wings attached to his shoulders. I reached…

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