History Repeats #writephoto


there, just by the shore.’ Sarah glanced nervously at Martine, hoping for some
response. Any response.


sighed. Martine was like the others. ‘About 200 yards, at two o’clock. She’s
staring out to sea.’ Of course she was. ‘You don’t think I’m bonkers, do you?’

put an arm round her friend. Yes, maybe a bit, she thought. ‘Course. Always
were. But only after a couple of peach mojitos.’

smile when it came was forced. ‘She never looks back. Not once.’

did you find her?’

nodded, grateful that Martine was at least trying to believe. No one ever saw
the woman. Only her. Of course only her. ‘Three years ago. I thought I was
mad.’ She snorted a short laugh. ‘I think the really mad bit was coming back
the next year, to check. I had to know.’


shook the tension from…

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