Thursday Photo Prompt: Part 1 ‘Small’


A challenge in two parts covering two weeks from Sue this time.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a solitary figure on a beach against a wide ocean.
Our footprints were here once,
Now reclaimed, covered and gone,
Like you My Love.
We walked hand in hand,
Swinging arms, content in each other,
Two people in love.
The ripples of the water
Tickled our toes and spirits,
The world was ours.
My footsteps are deep,
The burden of loss is so great:
My heart bleeds like the sand,
Red beneath my feet.
The swooping waves retract
Their diamante beauty
To a world cold and vast.
I am but a speck,
Smaller than a single grain,
Paling to insignificance
Now my Sun has gone.
No more will the water shine
Its brilliance into my soul.

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