Human Lifespan

Stevie Turner

Back in the 1940s when the NHS first started, the average lifespan was about 50 years.  Before this, people had to pay to see a doctor, and my grandmother often told me that they never saw one very often, because they couldn’t afford to pay.  If you were ill, you took tried and tested remedies, and you either got better or you didn’t and got on with it.

These days people in the UK have access to a GP for free on the NHS.   However, it occurred to me recently that if we weren’t all being kept alive with medications, whether the average lifespan of a human is still about 50 – 60 years of age.

Take Sam’s family:  In his late fifties his father suffered cardiac issues and had to have a pacemaker inserted.  One sister had a melanoma in her early sixties, and another had uterine cancer…

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