A Nightmare/Choices #writephoto

A Heart for Africa

small-1 Photo by Sue Vincent

He stood at the water’s edge, facing the calm ocean when she joined him.  Without saying a word, he pulled her roughly against him and his eager mouth sought hers.  As they kissed, their hands tugged at each other’s clothes until they were no longer a barrier between them.  The sand became their bed and they made love right there with the sun behind them.

She watched them through the binoculars.  They were so disgustingly blatant in their sordidness.  It never occurred to them that someone could see them or perhaps they didn’t care.  Maybe they were banking on her blind trust of them.  After why should she suspect that her doting husband would be sleeping with her nurse?  She hadn’t swallowed the pill that Ashanti had given her.  It made her drowsy and it upset her stomach even when she took it with milk.  She…

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