Strawberries and Mint

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Last week’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction prompt from Charli Mills was Strawberries and Mint.. and we all had a feast of a time with mixing the two in to exotic concoctions filled with romance, fun and some shenanigans.. Here is something to whet your appetite… to continue to indulge hit the link at the bottom…thanks Sally

A refreshing collection that may send readers to the grocery store, farmers markets, or backyard gardens. The combination of fruit and herb brought out recipes and food-based stories. As with any evocative detail, strawberries and mint also inspired stories to explore emotions and situations, some weirder than you might expect from standard summer garden fare.

Writers bellied up to the challenge, took to the streets, bars and brambles to bring tasty stories to the page. No matter your weather or hemisphere, let strawberries and mint wash your cares away with a good read.


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