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It is time for Paul Andruss, to investigate the myths and legends surrounding the great and sometimes infamous. Kings having mistresses was accepted as a reward for marrying a stranger so that an alliance was cemented or war averted. And they were not likely to look a gift horse in the mouth when presented with an opportunity. Which leads us to Barbara Villiers who had Charles II wrapped around her little finger.

Paul gives us the lowdown on the background and peccadillos of those that went before…..buckle up and make notes, there will be a test later!

Barbara Villiers Part 1: The Return of the King by Paul Andruss

Barbara Villiers (National Portrait Gallery)

If you thought Lady Macbeth was a right cow, I can only assume you’ve never heard of Charles II’s mistress, Barbara Villiers, the Countess of Castlemaine.

But before we get to the salacious sex and…

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