What do you See? June 4/2019


So glad to see this in my reader from Hélène over at Willow Poetry

‘Ah, Kitty. I thought I’d find you up here. I need to talk to you about marriage.’
‘Don’t you think I’m a bit young? I mean it wasn’t that long ago I was just a fuzz ball hardly able to open my eyes.’
‘That was months ago! We need to concentrate on your future, prepare you for adulthood.’
‘But I don’t want to get married! I want to have fun, sing to the moon, meet new people, go for rides in colourful boats!’
‘That’s foolishness child! Sigmund at number 19 has expressed an interest…..’
‘That old tuft of lard? No way Papa! I’d rather run off with Tom from the butcher’s yard!’
‘What’s he got to offer? He’s always stalking the roofs at night, catwalling his way into young girls hearts and then leaving them holding…

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