What do you See? June 4/2019 – I Love him Dad!



“I didn’t dad, I didn’t,

I was just sitting in the moonlight

There’s no harm in sitting here is there?

I placed this rug down so I wouldn’t get a chill

And it’s such a beautiful night dad

I even brought out my hat to keep off those pesky moonbeams

You know how harmful they can be.”

“You aren’t fooling anyone young lady

There’s guilt written all over your face

And If I’ve told you once I’ve said it a hundred times

Prowling around on the rooftops is no way

For a lady to secure a mate.

People talk, we have a reputation to uphold

What might the neighbours say to seeing you

In an assignation with Tommy, the Tom Cat,

They’d be disgusted as would your mother.”

“I’m sorry dad, but he’s such a nice Tom

I think I’ve fallen for him,

When he’s around, I’m lured in by…

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