Eliza Waters

Floral arrangementBurgundy rules this week’s arrangement with my first blossom of dark German iris (possibly I. ‘Frontier Marshall’), opening today. The original plant was a gift from a friend so ID is uncertain.

Oriental Columbine (Aquilegia oxysepala) reminds me of Chinese lanterns with creamy corollas and burgundy sepals. Acer japonica leaves add more burgundy.

The white blossoms of Geranium renardii, streaked with burgundy, are with us only a short while, but the heavily textured leaves add interest to the garden all season long. A few pale Bluestars (Amsonia tabernaemontana) were also added to the mix.

Tiny blooms of wild yellow buttercups (Ranunculus sp.), picked from the lawn, touch upon the yellow ‘lanterns.’  White Anemone canadensis have just started to bloom around the yard. They can be rather invasive, but all is forgiven when the field blooms en masse. Field grasses finish the wild look.

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