How to get great reviews. Or not… #humor #writing

Barb Taub

One of my favorite writers, Terry Tyler, often generously shares her knowledge and expertise with other writers. Her latest post—Amazon Exclusivity (KDP Select) or Publishing ‘Wide’ ~ which works best?—is a case in point. Georgia Rose of Three Shires Publishing also has invaluable advice and perspective to share, while Kassandra Lamb and her colleagues at Misterio Press are equally generous with their advice.

Of course, I’m just not as good a person as the writers listed above. As you can see in the following post—originally a guest post for Misterio Press a few years ago—I take a more self-centeredgreedy personal approach to the craft.

Buddy can you spare me a blurb?

Last week I did our monthly budget, an act which blurs the boundaries between blind faith and creative fiction. [Warning: I’m a professional writer so I make up shit for a living. Do NOT try this…

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