Maggie update 30th May


Despite antibiotics and anti inflammatories, the lump hasn’t reduced very much, so we are going back to the vet tomorrow morning.
Maggie has been pretty restless today, so maybe she’s cottoned on where we’re going, or it’s just an effect of the weather. It has been so oppressive today, hot and muggy, and the air is so thick, it’s an effort to move. Hubby checked the weather forecast expecting thunderstorms, but there is nothing in our area or even close.

She’s curled up beside me and all being well will be asleep shortly. Her nose is cold, she’s eating and drinking OK, and the toileting is back to normal, which we’re taking as all good signs. Both of us are still worried though.
Hopefully they’ll have the results of the screening back and we’ll know what’s going on.
Photo April 2018

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