Pond life

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The past week or so has seen me messing about in ponds every day, which is odd, as I don’t have a pond. My son, however, does and, like the rest of his garden, that has been largely my domain for the past eight years, ever since he bought the house.  At that time, we gutted the place, inside and out, turning a bland and boring bungalow with a tired, mildewed garden into a bachelor pad to be proud of…and one that worked with my son’s physical challenges to allow him to live as independently as possible.

Back then, the brain injury was a recent thing; the resulting physical problems were still both raw and acute… and yet to be overcome. His focus at that time was still firmly on attaining a complete recovery, whatever the official prognosis had to say, and for several years, Nick’s home was no more…

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