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A trip acoss the border into Scotland we had planned,
We dreamed, anticipating, for the day was close at hand,
I wrote about it at the time, excitement unabashed…
Until disaster chose to strike and all our plans were dashed.

With one exploding coffee pot that melted cloth and skin,
Once bandaged like a mummy, disappointment settled in.
The trip was off, we couldn’t go, with me half burned alive…
And, till I was unmummified, I really couldn’t drive.

Now, Scotland once again is calling to the northward road;
I’m being so damned careful in and out of my abode
That you would be forgiven if you thought I was neurotic…
The trouble is I didn’t count on this antibiotic

I flit from shade to shadow as the sun, I’m told, will burn,
How badly, I decided, I was not prepared to learn.
I wear long sleeves and cover…

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