Doggone shame. #humor #dog

Barb Taub

Sit. Stay. Good readers…

First published many years ago, Tasha’s story remains a cautionary reminder that you can lead an old writer away from politics, but you can’t make her dog write a bestseller.

Hello, I’m Barb’s dog, Tasha, and she is making me write this because she thinks you would be interested in my life story*.

*[Translation #1: Barb heard that Millie’s Book, Barbara Bush’s transcription of the life and times of First Dog Millie, made well over a million dollars while Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo has made over $4 million. So Barb thinks she could do the same with my story. Of course, Barb also thinks that Angel survived that last showdown with the forces of Hell, that a woman could be POTUS, and that she’s over five feet tall. And she’s pretty sure there’s…

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