The ‘Influencer’ Programme

Stevie Turner

I’ve set up a ‘Storefront’ on Amazon Influencer, which is part of Amazon Associates.  You can recommend whatever you like, and if somebody clicks on anything you recommend and actually buys it, then you earn a small amount.  I haven’t earned anything yet as I’ve only just set it up, but hey… I’m hopeful!

There’s a ‘follow’ button there too for anybody who feels inclined, and the link to my storefront is below. I’ve called it ‘Books, Books and More Books’, and I’ve used the name ‘MegaReader’ which  I write reviews under.  I’ve added one of my own books and also ‘Understanding’ (as it would be rude not to!), but all the others are books that I’ve read and enjoyed and hope that others would like too.  

Some of the books I’ve read and added have been written by my blogging companions on WordPress, and some are traditionally…

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