After my indulgence


You don’t want to know what I packed away at the darts supper last night. Let’s just say Will Power wasn’t playing and I sampled everything, though the individual chocolate biscuits I brought home for Hubby.
Today I have been extra vigilant and attentive to the SW bible, plus we’ve had a field trip  which has made things more challenging. Hubby was after something in particular, but it turned out the shop was shut, so we had a walk round the town instead.
It was approaching lunchtime, and three weeks ago we would have been content to grab a freshly made baguette, cake and cup of tea.
We did the same today, but only 50% as I just had a cup of tea and a piece of chicken and the tomato out of Hubby’s salad roll.

I’m allowed 15 ‘syns’ a day, but what qualifies as a syn varies, though…

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