Walk of Shame?

Thru Violet's Lentz

Photo Courtesy of Fandango.

Coleen wrapped her arms tightly
around the sequined bodice of her ball gown, even though it would do
nothing to make her less visible to anyone who happened to be peering
out their dorm window at seven AM.

Her head throbbing, her feet dragging like she were plodding through quicksand, she made her way across the campus green, intent on returning to the anonymity of her own room, without meeting up with anyone face to face.

could she have let this happen- she had never slept with a guy she
had only known for a few hours and always thought so little of girls
she knew, who did.

was no doubt she had done it, as she was awakened with her beautiful
gown strung about her throat like a necklace, by a guy she only
recognized as the one who offered her a drink…

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